Monday, May 21, 2012

Water with L-Arginine: Dehydration and Hypertension

Water is our life-blood. Every single cell in our bodies contain water, need water to survive, and thrive off of water to be the best. From blood to muscles, lungs and brain, it all needs water to function at peak performance. Water transports oxygen and nutrients to the body, delivers essential vitamins to the cells, removes waste from the body, and can help to protect your joints and organs. It’s amazing, which is why we mix Cardio Juvenate every morning into a nice, cold glass of blood pressure lowering water. Yep, you heard me, water can lower your blood pressure!


Dehydration Causes High Blood Pressure

Did you know that by depriving your body of water, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you are increasing your risk for heart attack and stroke? Yep, the less water you drink, the higher your risk for heart complications. Dehydration, in the extreme, can elevate your blood pressure and place a great deal of stress on your arteries and cells.


Technically speaking, our bodies become dehydrated when there is a 66% water loss from the interior of the cells, 26% water loss from the environment around the cells, and 8% loss from the vascular system. When this begins to happen, the body will restrict blood vessels to try and preserve fluid. Restriction of the blood vessels is what causes high blood pressure, which, through dehydration, can lead to stroke and heart attack.


Are You Drinking Enough Water To Beat Hypertension?

Experts say that you can determine how much water you should be drinking by taking your weight in pounds and dividing that number in half. This how many ounces of water you need to be drinking each day.


Avoid alternatives to water such as sports drinks and juice, as those usually have high sugar content and can, in fact, have the opposite effect of rehydrating your body. Nothing beats a nice cold glass of water.


Water with L-Arginine

L-arginine has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure by widening the walls of your arteries and thus increasing circulation. Remembering how insanely important it is to drink water each and every day to avoid dehydration, mix in some Cardio Juvenate with l-arginine to not only keep your body hydrated but keep your blood pressure low.


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrate National Women's Health Week

May 13 through May 19 is officially National Women's Health Week! Yay! We try to do our part at http://EraseDisease to focus on women's health as well as men's health, but it's great to have a reminder every once in a while how important our ladies are, and how important their health is to everyone. National Women's Health Week should be used as a tool to ‘encourage all Americans to celebrate the progress we have made in protecting women’s health and to promote awareness, prevention, and educational activities that improve the health of all women,’ the president said.


National Women’s Health Week is a Great Time to….

Tell your mom, sister, daughter or grandma how important they are to you. Did you show yoru appreciation for the women in your life on Mother's Day? Well, why not extend that appreciation into Women's Health Week by showing your support for mom's health. Get mom to do the following to support her own health:


·         Get your yearly physical exam!! Life can get busy, but it's extremely important to get in for that yearly exam with your OBGYN. It’s easy to forget to schedule one, or simply forget to go in, or put if off for something more important. What is more important than your health?


·         Get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked!! As an organization that is passionately, almost insanely, dedicated to heart health and feeling amazing, we can't stress this one enough. Moms, you might not even know that you're blood pressure is high, or your cholesterol levels are out of whack. So get checked!! It takes two seconds at your local pharmacy.


·         Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and take your supplements!! You know that we’re all about all-natural, all-organic living here at Erase Disease. Our heart healthy supplement with l-carnitine and l-arginine is a great way to combat hypertension, as well as many of the symptoms from menopause. Busy days easily lead to fast food lunches and dinners, missed breakfast and not staying properly hydrated. It’s extremely important that you put your health first. Take care of yourself and your body by eating healthy and making healthy food choices.


·         Take time for yourself!! It’s incredibly difficult for moms to take time out for themselves, this we know. But it’s crucial that you do things for you  and you alone. Reduce stress, laugh, smile, feel motivated and positive about life by doing the things that you love to do. Take a class at the local gym that boosts your spirit. Take a walk with the dog or go for a bike ride. You may not realize it, but the stress that builds up in your system from ignoring your needs can wreak havoc on your heart.


Take advantage of National Women's Health Week by doing something for your heart, your health and your well-being! Visit for more information.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Long Commute Linked to Hypertension

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about your morning, and evening commute to work. It’s rough, right? It’s stressful, it’s time consuming, it’s boring, and it kills your back. On top of all of that, new research is now showing that your daily commute could be the reason behind your high blood pressure and could possibly increase your risk for heart disease.


The Long Commute and Heart Health

Recent studies conducted simultaneously in Sweden and the U.S. are pointing to how dangerous for your heart being stuck in traffic is. In fact, in the recent Swedish study, results showed how important it is to ride your bike or walk to work, something that not many Americans get the opportunity to do.


However, the U.S. study, conducted in three Texas cities, linked high blood pressure, obesity and other health problems to a long daily commute.


“Long commutes really get under the skin in terms of affecting people’s health,” says lead author Christine Hoehner, an assistant professor of public health sciences at Washington University, in St. Louis. Read more:


According to the study, those who sat in traffic for longer commutes were less physically active, either because they were too stressed to participate in activities, or they just didn’t have time. Either way, those who sit in traffic every day are clinically proven to be at higher risk for chronic diseases, including heart disease.


Seventy-six percent of people who worked within five miles of their home averaged at least 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise per day (as federal health officials recommend), compared to just 70% of those whose commute exceeded 30 miles round-trip.

Those who have a daily commute of just 20 miles round-trip were found to have an increased risk of elevated blood pressure, or pre-hypertension. That’s only 10 miles each way!


When taking a closer look at the data, researchers found two things; increased obesity and risk for obesity-related disease was more in relation to the lack of exercise from long commutes, and high blood pressure was simply from sitting in traffic, which is something we all do every day.


Researchers still are unclear as to why sitting in traffic can elevate a person’s blood pressure to dangerous levels. Whether it’s the fast food people tend to eat while commuting, the stress of sitting in traffic, or lack of sleep as longer commutes mean getting up earlier, your heart health can literally depend on your commute.