Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wonderful L-Arginine

Proper circulation is the key to everything within your body. It's not just a function of your heart, it's a function of every single cell in your body. Without proper circulation, everything goes haywire. Arginine supplements and supplementation can great increase your overal circulation, thus improving heart health and just plain making you feel better. Here's how...


Arginine & Vasodilation

According to the MayoClinic, and many other resources and experts, there are massive amounts of evidence which suggest that arginine may help treat medical conditions that improve with increased vasodilation.


Vasodilation, or widening of the arteries, is the body's response to a call for oxygen. When a part of the body, tissues within the body, muscles or organs are in distress and are not receiving enough nutrients or oxygen, those tissues release vasodilators which tells the body to increase vasodilation, widen the blood vessels, and send more blood down the tubes. When the arteries become blocked due to plaque build-up and constriction, vasodilation also becomes restricted and blood cannot flow freely to the areas of the body that are in distress.


According to the MayoClinic, this improved blood flow can help decrease the risk for, and treat,  chest pain, atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), heart disease or failure, erectile dysfunction, intermittent claudication/peripheral vascular disease, and vascular headaches (headache-inducing blood vessel swelling).


Arginine in Foods

Arginine can be found naturally in almonds, barley, brazil nuts, brown rice, buckwheat, cashews, cereals, chicken, chocolate, coconut, corn, dairy, certain lean meats, oats, peanuts, and many other grains.


Arginine and Nitric Oxide

When we talk about Arginine, we also are talking about Nitric Oxide. This is because Arginine is the precursor to Nitric Oxide, meaning that one within the body a synthesis takes place turning Arginine into Nitric Oxide. So when we discuss how important Arginine is for healthy circulation, we're refering to Arginine's ability to increase production of Nitric Oxide and thus increase the body's natural ability to imrove blood flow. 


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Monday, July 2, 2012

Drug Company Ordered to Pay Billions For Misleading Public

Who Can You Trust?

I wasn’t planning on getting up any content dealing with heart health and arginine supplements today, but I just couldn’t let this one go. I happened to stumble across an article on Facebook regarding the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline LLC and a $3 billion lawsuit. The lawsuit, brought on by the U.S. Justice Department, is the largest health care fraud settlement in U.S. history, according to the Huffington Post.


According to the article, GlaxoSmithKline LLC failed to disclose important safety information on medication. It also failed to wait on FDA approval before promoting extremely popular drugs for specific medical conditions that were still under review. In addition, yes there’s more, GlaxoSmithKline LLC is accused of ‘bribing physician to prescribe GSK products using every imaginable form of high priced entertainment, from Hawaiian vacations to paying doctors millions of dollars to go on speaking tours to a European pheasant hunt to tickets to Madonna concerts, and this is just to name a few,’ according to a U.S. attorney.


GSK has plead guilty, and while the Justice Department still needs to give them the ‘ok’ on their plea, they will pay $3 billion and will be monitored by government officials for five years to ensure compliance with FDA rules.


Why Does Erase Disease Care?

One of the very popular drugs that came with ‘hidden’ risks was Avandia, a highly used diabetes drug meant to make cells more responsive to insulin. According to Wikipedia, annual sales for Avandia peaked at approximately $2.5 billion in 2006, but as adverse effects were being reported more frequently, sales declined. The Avandia patent expires this year.


One of the adverse effects that were being reported were an increased risk of heart attacks. While heart health is our life at Erase Disease, this immediately caught our attention. In May of 2007, a study was conducted claiming that Avandia increased the risk of heart attack by as much as 43%! In 2010 the FDA’s associated director of drug safety recommend that Avandia be taken completely off of the market due to the great heart risks it imposed upon patients.


Even with all of the negative reports and research, Avandia still brought in over $1.2 billion for GSK in 2009.


With heart disease and diabetes and obesity on the rise in the U.S, this information is highly disturbing. How many lives had been negatively affected before GSK admitted to it’s faults? And how much of an impact will a measly $3 billion make when GSK is estimated to make over $50 billion in 2010?


So who can you trust when considering prescription medication? You can trust all-natural alternatives and organic alternatives to prescription medication. Choose diet, exercise and supplements over medications that come with high risks. Choose arginine supplements that have medically proven to lower blood pressure and increase circulation. Choose l-carnitine supplements that have not only been clinically proven to help you lose weight, thus decreasing your risk for diabetes, but have been listed in the Huffington Post as one of the top 10 weight loss supplements.


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